training of highflyingpigeons

CHICKS TRAINING:  DAY 1: pigeon chicks should allow to fly with empty stomach along with seniors for few rounds,may be 10 to 15 rounds and then we have to allow them to sit by showing pigeons in the loft,we have to throw the feather cutted pigeons one by one till the new pigeon chick lands in loft,we have to allow them to settle in their racks by themselves and feed fatless food little with sufficient water and allow them to rest till evening, care should be taken not to fly during rest period, DAY 2: same like the first day allow chick to fly with senior pigeon and make chick to sit by showing pigeons at loft,second day we should have eye on pigeon which way it is flying and how much distance its travelling, noticing the speed of the wing 'if u notice that chick capacitiy become dull while flying then just leave the pigeons out in loft and let the chick to sit in loft,allow the chick to settle, give fatless food afer 4 to 5 minutes give pure water  remember pigeons should always allow them to fly with out feed and water while learning or first some days,because of this procedure body of the pigeon will get fit,strong DAY 3: before allowing the pigeon to fly we shoulg check the stomach with our fore finger by slouly rubing the stomach, if u find any food or solid structure then just keep the pigeon in their rack for some time and check it after one hour,we have to fly them only when the stomach get empty and allow them to fly some more little time than the second day, note the time how much time it flew, remember the pigeon should increase time of flying day by day,giving feed and water and allow them to rest,feed at evening       DAY 4: same like the third day we have to fly them, according to my experience by the end of third day it can fly more than 1 hour      DAY 5: rest should be given to pigeon chick om 5th day and allow them to feed in morning and evening, it should not fly in rest period  DAY6 same like 1,2,3,4 days we have to allow them to fly with senior and make them to fly, it should increase the time of flying uo to one and half hours to 2 hours, DAY7:same like the the 6th day it should increase the time of flying uo to 2 hour to 3 hours,we have to observe the health condition of pigeon regularly,and feed nicely,      DAY 8: same like the 7th day it increses the time of flying up to 3 to 4 hours and one more thing we should not give water immediately after lands in loft, DAY 9:  this is rest day, and should give water and food couple of times a day and full rest for the chicks                 DAY 10: also like the 9th day we have to leave them in the after noon in the sunny for 1 hour and rest should be given for pigeons      DAY 11: we have to fly them in early morning about 6 or 6:30 am,every time before flying we have to check the stomach nicely if u find any food leave them back to thier rack and allow them to fly gently, we have to observe them, DAY 12: we have to give them rest for whole day, today we have to feed them limitly so that food get digested easily and become empty stomach in the morning,        DAY 13: we have to fly them at 6 to 6:30 in the morning time and observe them,and allow them to fly for 4 to 5 hours , whether they rare flying for more hours let them fly, DAY 14: complete rest day    DAY 15: same like 13th day today flying time increases up to 5 to 6 hours, from today onwards we have to care them well like feeding little for every half an hour and plenty of water should be given,        DAY 16: rest day , same like 14th day DAY 17: we should fly them in early morning and should always observe the pigeon and try to make pairs [ flying], so that it will be easy to fly them in competitions or tournaments and today it will increase the time of flying up to 7 to 8 hours, if the temperature is high take cotton bag and make it completely wet by pouring water,and allow pigeons to stand on mat for 15 minutes and allow them to back to racks, after giving feeding then give little sip of water after some time give little bit extra water,and allow them to drink full water as much they drank,   DAY 18:  rest day, but we have to leave the pigeons in sunlight for 30 to 45 minutes, at that time 12 to 1 o clock it is important you should take care pigeon stomach should be empty before u leave them in light and one more important thing u should not leave them in rock surface ,allow the pigeons to stand on cover sheet, DAY 19: same like the 18th day but we have to fly them in room for 15 minutes approximately till the bird get tired, just leave the pigeon inside closed room, take a stick and make the pigeon to fly from one end to another or let the pigeon stand in ur hand and let the pigeon jump from one hand to another so that it can do enough excercise for pigeons,if u did not do this exercise for pigeons then while flying pigeon, wings get strucked and it will fall from the sky to the ground like a stone ,some times it will go and sit some where else and come back , chances are less, because during rest time accumulation of fluids between the chest and wings so that bird cannot move the wings,so that it will fall down ,while ur making the birds to do excercise make sure that pigeon stomach should be empty, after excercise put them in rack and give food after 5 minutues,this excercise should be done between 12 to 1 pm,in between excercise it should not drink water and food also, DAY 20: same like 19th day so tomorrow we are going to fly the birds after three days rest, evening we shoulg give little food so that we can fly early morning with empty stomach, DAY 21: we should fly them in early morning about 6 to 6:30am and we have to observe which side they are flying and pairs also, u need to make a better flying pair,so that it will help u in competitions or tournaments, i think pigeon can not fly more than 4 hours ,so dont feel bad about performance, because of rest 3 days it coudnt able to fly well, and the body pains too, rest like before 2 days , we have to feed them nicely,